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Parenting Coordinators

Parenting Coordinators may be appointed in highly conflicted child custody cases to help parents carry out the provisions of a child custody order in regard to the best interest of the child(ren) and reduce the family’s reliance on the court. Parenting Coordinators are appointed after a custody order has been drafted and signed by the judge. The main purpose of the Parenting Coordinator is to reduce conflict between parents and refocus them on the child(ren)’s needs. They educate and improve communication while negotiating differences parents may have. A Parenting Coordinator may help with decisions regarding visitation schedules and transportation, vacation and holidays, as well as the health, education and emotional needs of a child. Parenting Coordinators are compensated by the parties of the contested custody case.

Must have a Masters or doctoral degree in psychology, law, social work, counseling, medicine or related area and no less than five years of related training and experience.

Must have attended Judicial District 15B’s combined Parenting Coordinator and Civil District Guardian ad Litem training which consists of 24 classroom training.

To be on the approved Parent Coordinator List for Judicial District 15B: submit a letter of intent to Honorable Joseph Buckner, Chief District Court Judge, P. O. Box 1088, Chapel Hill, NC 27278; enclose a resume with letter and include dates of training.

Monthly peer consultation among approved Parent Coordinators is encouraged.

Parent Coordinators for Civil District Court are not statutorily protected from liability claims. Parent Coordinators are strongly urged to investigate personal and professional insurance coverage in regard to activities performed as a Parent Coordinator.

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