Center for Cooperative Parenting

The Center for Cooperative Parenting (CCP) is a non-profit agency providing a community-based continuum of educational and support services to professionals working with parents and children who are experiencing high conflict in separation, divorce, or co-parenting.  The mission of the Center is to provide training and collaborative resources for professionals serving these families in specialized roles.

The Center is responsible for the training and supervision of all Civil District Guardians ad Litem (GALs) and Parenting Coordinators (PCs) for Judicial District 15-B, which encompasses Chatham and Orange Counties in North Carolina.  CCP also maintains the official list of trained Guardians ad Litem (GALs) and Parenting Coordinators (PCs) for the District.

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Parent Coordination Training

November 4th – 6th  8am-5pm

The Solution Center, Durham


In May 2000, Joseph M. Buckner, then Chief District Court Judge for Judicial District 15B, asked key representatives in the legal and mental health communities to develop local court rules for Chatham and Orange Counties to implement the use of GALs and PCs in high conflict custody cases. In June 2001, he signed Judicial District 15B’s Custody and Visitation Local Rules that govern the use of Civil District GALs and PCs. The local rules were revised in 2014. It was determined there was the need for a committee to monitor this newly established program in the Judicial District. Judge Buckner asked several members of the original committee to continue to serve the community by overseeing this program. This oversight committee became the first Board of Directors of the Center.

A judicial staff member serves ex officio as liaison with the Chief District Judge and provides staff support by tracking the appointment of GALs and PCs in the District, and maintaining the lists of professionals serving as GALs and PCs.

Since tracking began in 2001, there have been many cases where Civil District GALs or parent coordinators were appointed. Judicial District 15B requires special training to serve as a Civil District GAL or PC.  The Center for Cooperative Parenting periodically offers training for new GALs and PCs, as well as advanced training on associated topics.